My Work

Movie Spaces

Movie Spaces is a project I undertook to test out Next.js’s new app router and React server components. It integrates with The Movie DB API and YouTube API to deliver a nostalgic DVD menu experience in the browser.

Go to Movie Spaces

Japanese Study App

Japanese Study App is a web application I created in React to help those learning the Japanese writing system. It allows users to customize their study experience by choosing the characters they want to study, and gives the user results of their study session with how long it took to recognize the character.

Go to the Japanese Study App website

Mac Gaming Central

Mac Gaming Central was a project I did to create a gaming-style blog using React. It integrates with a headless CMS system to allow automatic publishing of new articles, and uses serverless functions to dynamically filter articles by content like “Deals” or “Guides”.

Go to the Mac Gaming Central